metal, stone, wood, felt, rubber

Set of no-name objects with indefinite function, constituting a kind of an alphabet of qualities: heavy, empty, flat, long. Potential implicit in abstract forms, materials and the relations between them provokes the user to search for the diverse possibilities of use.
+ text C’est la vie: the potential and the interpretation of objects
published in Smutek Konkretu ed. B. Świątkowska, Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, Warsaw, 2016
and online publication OUT OF STOCK

“One could ask, if world does not indeed consist of simple shapes, of few rules which, combined create an almost infinite number of expressions.”

photos: A. Błaszko

“Although changing a function usually happens intuitively, it calls nevertheless for some imagination or even for a specific sense of humour. Limitations, or so it seems, result from too great ofan attachment to conventions. Deadly seriousness can arrest the discovery of a potential inherent in an object-thing and its application for a purpose different from the one originally intended.
Yet, can one even talk about something like an original or proper use of a thing? One surely can, sincea mach serves the purpose of lighting candles and cigarettes. Nevertheless, it can equally well serve as a hook, a counting stick or a toothpick. Although it can perform all these functions, it will remain easily visible that it is used only as an ersatz and so one can expect biting remarks, since, alas, ‘it is not what it serves for’. But why not, actually? After all it serves the purpose we useit for, it serves the way the context calls it to serve.”

fragments of C’est la vie: the potential and the interpretation of objects