ink on paper

I took a photo in a supermarket on the morning of Christmas Eve, a year ago. It was quite early but with my swollen, sleepy eyes I spotted an excellent image: a four-pack of beers, a margarine and a litre bottle of vodka rolling slowly towards the till on the black belt. That is a rather disturbing breakfast, I thought.
This started an investigation of breakfast sets bought by people in the morning. 

1/ White Christmas
vodka, 4 beers, margarine

2/ After-party
borsh, cream cheese, tomato, beer

3/ Le petit-déjeuner sucré
quince taste vodka, ice cream

4/ Smoker

5/ Port d’ Amsterdam
nuddles, beer, apple

6/ Fuel
Red bull, hot dog, Pall Mall

7/ Classic Dutch
butter, chocolate sprinkles, coffee, 

8/ Instructor’s choice
bun, egg paste, nestea 2l, Marlboro Gold