She isn’t doing much of anything now, Huis Kamer Contact, Eindhoven, NL

A casa é sua, Alta Vila, Agueda, PT

Mow the Collective Desire, UIT Festival, Tartu, EE

The Laundresses, Jelsa Art Biennial, Jelsa, HR

All Will End Well, Supermarket, Stockholm, SE

Warsaw—Kin—Berlin, Milchhof Pavillon, Berlin, DE

Studio Ukraine, Between Bridges, Berlin, DE


All Will End Well, Ziemniaki i / Fringe Warszawa, Warsaw, PL

What’s in the Air?, Robida Collective, Topolo, IT

Threads in Motion by Studio Ukraine, Haus der Statistik, Berlin, DE

All Will End Well, PS Project Space, Amsterdam, NL

20(5), SWPS, Warsaw, PL


A casa é sua, Alta Vila, Agueda, PT

Lei, Robida, Topolo, IT

The Laundresses, Festival dos Canais, Aveiro, PT

Everything changes, nothing disappears, Malta Festival, Poznań, PL


Long live the Palm, Agueda, PT


Textus ex machina, aqb Project Space, Budapest, HU

100 FLAG, Central Museum of Textiles, Łódź, PL

WaterSchool by Studio Makkink&Bey, Salone del Mobile 2019, Milan, IT

Nie obierając korbola wsadzić w piec, Instytut Genetyki Człowieka Polskiej Akademii Nauk, Poznań, PL


Times Change, Werkplaats K, Kerkrade, NL

100 FLAG, Biuro wystaw, Warsaw, PL

Performance 100 FLAG, BWA Warszawa, Warsaw, PL

G18: Graduation Show 2018 Design Academy Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, NL
+ performance: The gentle protest


Glass Bar, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, NL


Graduation Projects, Tallinn Design Festival, Tallinn, EE

Graduation Projects
, Zamek Cieszyn, Cieszyn, PL


Linocuts, ‘Pod schodami‘ Gallery, Poznań, PL

Diploma Selection, Designblok Design and Fashion Week, Prague, CZ

Make me!, Lodz Design Festival, Łódź, PL

Polish Design Stories, Vienna Design Week, AU
+ lecture: About the potential and the interpretation of objects

Graduation Show, Concordia Design, Poznań, PL + lecture: About the potential and the interpretation of objects


Contest for the Exhibition System for Zamek Culture Center Poznań, PL



Ciao, in. Robida n.9, Topolo

The Laundresses (While drying, the facades will be ours)
in. The Perfect House Has Become a Ruin, ed. Elena Braida, Amsterdam


Introduction to useless/absurd care (handbook for critical cleaning, an antidote to chaos)
in. Reader — Academy of Margins Summer School, Robida Collective, Topolo

Thousand island sauce
If you do nothing, do it like a stoneLei — notes
in. Robida n.8, Topolo

All Will End Well — notes

Obudź zmysły i odkryj Cybinę; Ekologiczna Ścieżka Edukacyjna
Poznańskie Centrum Dziedzictwa, Poznań


Everything changes, nothing disappears
in. Zaklepane / Ground Rules, Poznań

The sky of Europe
in. Meeting Grounds: On Locality, Community, Connection and Care, ed. Amy Gowen, Onomatopee Projects, Eindhoven

Scala Sancta 28+
in. Terrible People issue no.4, Berlin

Looking to buy a flat from good people / Kupię mieszkanie od dobrych ludzi
at Ziemniaki i

The finger


Breakfast Menu
in. Dinner Bell vol. 2, Pittsburgh

C’est la vie. The potential and the interpretation of objects

The windowsill contract + The pebble or the egg
in. Through Objects: Nature Back to Design vol.1, New Heroes & Pioneers, Malmö

Blue encounters
in. Hinterlands issue no.1 Blue, Berlin

The ground level
in. Krzak Papier 02, Warsaw


Purity is temporary
in. Do It Ourselves by Jeroen Junte, NAI/010, Rotterdam

Gentle protest
in. KAJET JOURNAL issue no.3 ON STRUGGLEBucharest


On cleaning
in. G18 Catalogue, Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven


C’est la vie. The potential and the interpretation of objects
in. Smutek Konkretu, ed. B. Świątkowska, Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, Warsaw


Aborto Senza Frontiere by Alessandro Ajres, Rosenberg & Sellier
, Torino, 2022

On Flags and Stones. Radio Robida Conversation

Kitchen Conversations Podcast

Est Ranei Interview (IT)

BLOK magazine All Will End Well

KAJET digital All Will End Well

Stack Magazine Gentle Protest

Designboom Long Live The Palm

Art Viewer Purity is Temporary

Tzvetnik Purity is Temporary

Contemporary Lynx

Malta Festival Archives Everything Changes Nothing Disappears

Festival dos Canais The Laundresses

Vice NL Purity is Temporary

Dutch Design Magazine Purity is Temporary

WhiteMad Long Live The Palm

Sight Unseen C’est la vie

Make me! C’est la vie

Prodeez C’est la vie

Design Alive C’est la vie