95cm x 95cm
Eindhoven, NL

A privately commissioned mural for the meditation/thinking space. The wall piece is a “shadow”, a visual translation of the outlines of the letters initially folded in the paper.

/ Read change repetition and repetition as a form of change at once.

/ If one walks around the grass field the whole day to create (and maintain) the certain shape of the path (which happened to me this summer), it can become monotonous. But while walking, one can realize that each step keeps the path alive and, therefore serves the purpose — the grass mechanically folds, and the desired shape appears bringing the intended change.
Another thing is, that even though the circles seemed the same, with each one of them (in the spirit of Heracliyes) the circumstances become different: the surrounding, light, weather, etc. / it feels different within the body getting more tired but perhaps also more fit / the state of mind. Maintenance by the act of walking, a step brings change, I note, and the same day, in the evening radio show I hear the phrase repetition is a form of change which descended from heavens of accidents bringing all the reflections to order.

/ The sentence repetition is a form of change is a part of the project Oblique Strategies (subtitled Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas) created by musician/artist Brian Eno and multimedia artist Peter Schmidt: a set of cards that are supposed to help with creative stagnation. Each of them has a suggestion written on it. Here is the internet version of it:
Apparently, this particular phrase lies in the foundation of the genre of ambient music

/ In fact, each step of creating the artwork is based on repetition and change
here is the whole journey from the note, through sketches, paper folded mocup, and the final wall piece.

/ Try to make each repetition interesting, find something new in your body each time you repeat the movement. Do not repeat blindly.